The Executive Cabinet acts as the President and Vice President’s advisers on each of their different specialized areas. Each cabinet member is responsible for both their individual duties as well as ensuring that the executive branch is functioning properly. Below is a list of current cabinet members and their positions.


Deputy Chief of Staff Victoria Junkins
Deputy Chief of Staff Adrian Ulloa
Disability Affairs Coordinator Michelle Garcia
Governmental Relations Coordinator Dayra Carvajal
Intern Coordinator Daniella Bernal
Marketing Coordinator Danielle Ruiz
Marketing Coordinator Nathalie De Almagro
Student Development Coordinator Breanna Grey
Lobbying Coordinator Jonathan Riveras
Student Advancement Coordinator Kevin Nicolla
Special Projects Coordinator Desmond Petit
Special Projects Coordinator Gladys Lopez
Student Outreach Coordinator Daniel Irigoyen
Sustainability Coordinator
Student Life Coordinator Victor Rodriguez



Agencies and Bureaus NAME
Black Student Union Nyobee McCall
Council for Student Organizations  Ayerim Decena
Homecoming Council  Giselle Cancio
Student Programming Council  Annmarie Valentin-Arriagada
Residence Hall Association  Myriam Ambroise