Hello Panthers,

    Congratulations, for applying to serve your fellow students as part of the Student Government Association’s 2014-2015 Executive Cabinet. The role of the Executive Cabinet within Student Government is to enhance the overall FIU experience for all students.

    Each member will support and develop different student intitiatives and programs; coming together to realistically solve student issues. The    Executive Cabinet calls for students who are passionate about the growth and advancement of FIU and its student body, excited to lay precedent for greater student-led work, and eager to make an impact in our University.

     Below, you will find qualifications and instructions as well as descriptions of each position’s duties. I greatly encourage you to apply and spread the word about this incredible opportunity to as many students as possible. Tiffany and I look forward to meeting you and hopefully working alongside you as a part of the 2014-2015 SGA Administration.

Best of luck,
Alexis Calatayud
Student Body President, SGC-MMC



Executive Branch Positions [Click here to apply]

Lobbying Coordinator
Special Projects Coordinator
Elections Commissioner
Elections Commission member


Legislative Branch Positions [Click here to apply]

Architecture and the Arts,
Nursing and Health Science (1 seat)
Graduate (2 seats)
Education (1 seat)
Public Health and Social Work (1 seat))


Judicial Branch Positions [Click here to apply]

Chief Justice


SGC-MMC 2015-2016 Executive Cabinet Application Qualifications and Instructions [Click Here to apply]
Applicant Requirements:

Be a student at FIU or be admitted to begin coursework at FIU during the summer or fall 2015 terms.
Register (or be registered) to take no less than 6 credit hours during the fall 2015 term.
Register (or be registered) to take at least ½ of course load at MMC.
Must be available every Wednesday at 4pm to attend mandatory executive cabinet meetings with the exception of the Chief Justice Position.

Application Process Instructions:

Step 1: Fill out the electronic form below and attach your resume
Step 2: Print out and submit the SGA Qualification Verification Form [Click here to download]. Please have the form completed by the Registrar’s office and turn it in at the SGA Office (GC 211) at your earliest convenience.
Step 3: After turning in your SGA Qualification Verification, someone from the SGA Office will be in contact you with you soon!

Student Government Association
Florida International University – MMC
11200 SW 8th Street, GC 211
Miami, FL 33174
Phone: 305-348-2121

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