The mission of the Department of Governmental Relations of the Student Government Council of the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (SGC-MMC) of Florida International University (FIU) is to act as the lobbyist, solicitor, and counsel of the student body.

 As the Student Body’s Lobbyist, the Department strives to ensure that legislation enacted by the Student Body Senate, the University, the City of Sweetwater, Miami Dade County, the Florida Legislature and the United States Congress, are all in the general welfare of the Student Body of Florida International University.

As the Student Body’s Solicitor, the Department’s members work diligently to ensure that lawmakers, inclusive of the Student Body Senate, are all aware of the issues that affect, and the perspective of, the FIU student, in the process of the crafting of, the deliberation upon, and the subsequent enactment of, legislation.

As the Student Body’s Counsel, the Department hopes to be the primary and a perpetual resource to all FIU students on questions of student’s rights and privileges, as well as to assist students in navigating the legislative process.