Impact of Sequestration at FIU

If Federal Lawmakers fail to act quickly to solve the nation’s fiscal situation, we could fee the effects in retention and graduation rates as soon as the spring 2013 academic semester. These cuts are part of sequestration, or what is commonly referred to by the media and in the political discourse as the fiscal cliff. If Congress fails to devise a problem to our nation’s financial crisis by the end of the calendar year, automatic cuts at all levels of the Budget would automatically take place, including cuts to all Federal Aid Programs offered by the U.S. Department of Education. For FIU students, the cuts to Federal Work Student and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant may potentially come in at just under quarter of a million dollars every academic school year. This is not including further potential cuts to the Pell Grant Program to which access has been limited to only the fall and spring academic terms. For approximately 10,000 FIU students who come from families with incomes under $30,000, this could potentially equate to an increased number of semesters to degree completion, or even still, inability to remain enrolled at the university.

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