The Modesto Maidique University Supreme Court is composed of the Chief Justice and four Justices. As defenders of the Constitution, the Court interprets all bodies of law in SGA including the Constitution, Statutes, Finance and Elections Codes, and is charged with negating all existing Student Government Statutes, Appropriations, Laws, Joint Resolutions, Executive Orders, and/or Senatorial policies that conflict with any federal, state, local laws and/or ordinances and/or University regulations.


The Supreme Court has jurisdiction to preside over: the constitutionality of actions by student governing groups; conflicts between student groups; and violations of the Constitution and Statutes.  The Supreme Court hears grievances filed against Modesto Maidique University SGA members for censure and removal. Upon validation, trial, and deliberation of grievances the court may sanction or remove SGA members


Judiciary Mission

Our mission is to aid in the fulfillment and enrichment of the SGA Mission statement, by preserving the dignity of the Student Constitution, its intended separation of powers, and the impartiality and honesty of its Court.