The Legislative Branch of the SGC-MC, or the Senate, is made of 32 students elected by the student body each year. As Senators, they work with students, faculty, administration, and members of the local community to provide the best services possible to the student body.


It is also a primary duty of the Senate to allocate funds necessary for students to travel, participate in conferences, event planning, and other miscellaneous expenses that will in some way benefit FIU. All students are eligible to apply for these funds. It’s a simple matter of submitting all the needed forms to the Finance Committee and making a presentation to the Senate. If the project you are seeking funding for is approved, the Senate will allocate funds for said project. Thus allowing any student the opportunity to give back to FIU and their fellow students.


Aside from Finance, there are four other committees within the Senate. Internal Affairs, Operational Review, Student Advocacy, and Rules, Legislative, and Judiciary Committees.  For more information on these committees, you can click on the links below.


During the Summer term, the Senate meets every other Monday at 4:00 pm in GC 150.  We invite you to attend a session and see what the Senate is all about first hand. Meetings are open to the public, so you should bring your friends.


Starting in the Fall semester, the Senate will meet every Monday in the Student Government Chambers located in GC 150 at 4:00 pm. These meetings are also open to the public.


So please join us at our weekly meetings. But if once a week is not enough for you, our offices are located in GC 211. Feel free to stop by at any time if you have a question about the Senate or SGA at large.