The Legislative Branch of SGA also known as the Senate welcomes you to a year of change. The Senate’s focus for this year is strengthening communication with students, upholding the SGA Cares program, and introducing legislation that mirror the interest of the FIU Student Body. The Senate thanks you for record-setting participation in last year’s election. The Senate plans to achieve closer proximity with students through forums, special event, using existing technologies, surveys and many programs under the SGA Cares umbrella. The Senate welcomes your concerns and ideas during our meetings on Mondays at 4pm in GC 150. The Senate is looking forward to working with you to better serve your interests.

Architecture & the Arts Senators
Tomas Alcala Finance
Arts & Sciences Senators
Chantae Brown Student Advocacy
Daniel Bertot Internal Affairs
Hana Habib Student Advocacy
Orlando Crespo Rules, Legislation and Judiciary
Yisel Rivera Internal Affairs & Finance
At-Large Senators
Kristie Reyes Finance & Operational Review
Marcos Zayas Student Advocacy
Nicholas Recuset Internal Affairs
Business Senators
Antonio Ferguson Finance
Jonathan Zuniga Internal Affairs
Kazim Taqi Finance
Education Senators
Amanda Ferrer Student Advocacy
Catherine Guinovart Student Advocacy
Engineering & Computing Senators
Ricardo Pino Operational Review
Santiago Norena Finance
Graduate Senators
Amanpreet Cheema Graduate and Professional Student
Charles Perretti
Rhett Williamson Graduate and Professional Student
Sahar Ajabshir Graduate and Professional Student
Honors College Senators
Nico Pasquariello Finance
Housing Senators
Angelica-Joy Dumervil Internal Affairs
Ashley Feldman Rules, Legislation and Judiciary
Law Senators
Carlos Diaz Graduate and Professional Student & Finance
Lower Division Senators
Adriana Cassanova Operational Review
Alain Collazo Student Advocacy & Election Code Reform
Daniel Lopez Student Advocacy
Kelly Hurtado Operational Review
Medicine Senators
Adam Tagliero Graduate and Professional Student
Nursing & Health Sciences Senators
Raymond Borrero Rules, Legislation and Judiciary
Samantha Joseph Student Advocacy
Public Health & Social Work Senators