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What is the Finance Committee?

Article B. The purpose of the SGC Finance Committee is to assure that the funds of the SGA are properly handled for the benefit of all students.  To this end, the Finance Committee will hear presentations on, investigate, and deliberate over all requests for funding in a timely and judicious manner.


The Finance Committee oversees a $30,000 budget provided by Student Activity and Service fees that all students pay. It is the committee’s responsibility to ensure that these funds are allocated in a manner that will benefit as many Florida International University students as possible.


If a student or group of students needs funding and has exhausted every resource possible for other sources of funding then the SGA Finance Committee should be considered as a possible source of funding.

Anyone interested in requesting funding please make sure that you have met the criteria and are abiding by the Finance Committee Guidelines, Rules, & Policies.


Want to Apply for an SGA Finance Committee Allocation?

The Finance Committee Guidelines, Rules, & Policies are listed below:


  • All SGA Finance Committee Request Forms must be turned in one month prior to the event.
  • Seeking other sources of fundraising or sponsorships is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.  There must also be proof of any other sponsorships or funding.
  • Once the Request for Funds form is turned in, you will be asked to come into the next Finance Committee meeting to brief the Finance Committee on why you are requesting these funds.
  • If your event is sponsored by the SGA, all flyers and/or publications of your event must have:
    “Sponsored By: ” located on them.
  • The funding must benefit more than one Florida International University student. Example: A student requesting funding so he or she can travel to a national convention will be denied funds.
  • There must be proper and detailed paperwork of why you are requesting funds and what the funding will be paying for.
  • The recipients of Finance Committee funding must brief the Student Government Association Senate the following Monday after the event at 4:00pm in GC 150.
  • No organizations or clubs already funded by the Student Government Association or CSO are allowed to request Finance Committee funding.
  • All students involved should list their name and Panther I.D. number on the form or attached to the form.


[Click here for the Financial Request Form]


[Click here for the Supplemental Request Form]


If at any point you would like to get in contact with the Finance Committee Chairman or bring up any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman listed below.



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September 4, 2013
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September 30, 2013

ABRCMS Conference

Attending the annual research biomedical conference for Minority Students at Nashville, Tennessee was such a rewarding experience; I met new people that broaden my knowledge in my field. I was exposed to innovative ideas, which were brought back to the autism behavior lab to help us improve our current and future research at Florida International University. The conference was divided into each field of expertise to facilitate networking among students and faculty. In my case I was able to share and realize that our university is highly competitive and with excellent standards. I felt very proud when other attendees acknowledge our unique approaches to help the community. I am capable of sharing my experience with others, stating that I had the privilege to attend this conference due to the collaboration of the student government association.

Florida International University was known nationally, not only for its excellence in education but also for the opportunities it offers to students when they demonstrate an outstanding curriculum, perseverance and motivation to achieve their goals. I personally invite each an every single student to follow their dreams and demonstrate the rest of the universities around the country, how proud you are to be a panther.


Maria Del Portillo
Psychology Major / Biology Minor