[highlight_1]Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm in the SGA legislative office – Biweekly[/highlight_1]


Purpose and Responsibilities

  1. The purpose of the Internal Affairs Committee (IAC) is to ensure Senator compliance with all requirements as well as ensuring compliance by SGC-MMC officials with the Ethics Code.
  2. The IAC shall have the responsibility of maintaining the Ethics Code. All amendments to the Ethics Code must be first approved by this Committee.
    1. After legislation is referred to the committee, once approved, it shall be presented to the Senate by two members of the committee.
    2. Shall a proposal be rejected by the Committee, and a Senator wish that the legislation be reconsidered by the Internal Affairs Committee, they must gain a majority vote of the SGC-MMC Senate. This is to be done with a ‘Motion to Reconsider Proposed Internal Affairs Legislation’.
    3. If the Internal Affairs Committee does not approve a piece of legislation after reviewing it for the second time, the Senate may overturn the committee’s decision with a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its members.
  3. The committee will keep an active check on minutes, and ensure that legislation records are kept, minutes are maintained and maintain records of compliance with the Statutes.
  4. The committee will work with all of the members of the Executive branch to ensure that the Chief of Staff keeps track of office requirements for each member of the Executive Branch.
    1. The Committee will compile monthly reports submitted to Cabinet by Agencies and Bureaus to form a written in-depth Semester Report keeping a rolling record of Agency & Bureau Progress
    2. The Committee will create written in-depth Annual Reports for each Agency & Bureau to be archived for future reference
  5. The committee will provide oversight over Executive Branch compliance with the Statutes and assure that the Executive Branch is fulfilling its duties.
  6. The committee will create compliance reports on individuals whose fulfillment of duties may be questioned by the committee or Senate as a whole.
  7. The committee Chairperson will act as representative of the Senate in all impeachment trials.
    1. In the case that the Chairperson of the committee is being impeached, the Vice Chairperson of the Committee shall act as representative.
    2. The committee will be responsible for investigations pertaining to impeachment proceedings.
    3. The committee will be responsible for submitting grievances against officials, Agencies and Bureaus in cases of direct violations of the statutory requirements of the Agency’s/Bureau’s status and the official’s position.