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Purpose and Responsibilities

  1. The purpose of the Rules, Legislation and Judiciary Committee (RLJC or Rules Committee) is to keep and maintain the Senate Rules of Procedure, ensure the proper passage of legislation in the Senate, and serve as a liaison between the Legislative and Judicial Branches.
  2. The Rules Committee is charged with the responsibility of preparing and submitting the protocols, formats and rules to allow for efficient working of the Senate and its committees.
  3. The Rules Committee shall prepare and maintain the Senate Rules of Procedure and submit them for approval by the Senate.
    1. These Rules of Procedure shall be amended by the same procedure as the Student Government Statutes, but shall not be subject to Presidential veto.
    2. The Senate Rules of Procedure shall serve to detail internal procedures and policies of the Senate and shall not conflict with the Student Government Association Constitution and Statutes.
    3. Each session, the Rules Committee shall review the Senate Rules of Procedure, and submit recommendations, if necessary for the improvement of the document.
    4. All amendments to the Senate Rules of Procedure must be presented to the Rules, Legislation, & Judiciary Committee for its approval by a simple majority.
      1. After legislation is referred to the committee, once approved, it shall be presented to the Senate by two members of the committee.
      2. The procedural legislation may be approved with a majority vote of the Senate.
      3. Shall a proposal be rejected by the Committee, and a Senator wish that the legislation be reconsidered by the Rules Committee, they must gain a majority vote of the SGC-MMC Senate. This is to be done with a ‘Motion to Reconsider Proposed Procedural Legislation’.
      4. If the Rules Committee does not approve a piece of legislation after reviewing it for the second time, the Senate may overturn the committee’s decision with a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its members.
  4. The committee shall have the responsibility of reviewing legislation to ensure the legality, proper format, spelling, grammar, references and syntax, when submitted to the Committee prior to the legislation reaching the Senate floor.
  5. The committee will verify that all legislation is signed by the President.
  6. Once legislation becomes law, it is the responsibility of the Rules Committee to update the SGC-MMC Statutes.
  7. Upon the request of a simple majority of the Senate, the Rules Committee can prepare and provide a report for applicants to the Supreme Court.
  8. The Committee by request of a simple majority of the Senate, can also review the performance of the Chief Justice and Associate Justices, to then submit a positive or negative report to the Senate.
    1. If the committee submits a negative report, the report can be considered grounds for instigation of impeachment against a member of the Judiciary, in accordance with the SGA Constitution.
  9. The Rules Committee will work in coordination with the Supreme Court to suggest updates and amendments to the Student Government Association Constitution and Statutes.
  10. All judicial hearing reports may be reviewed by this committee, ensuring the legislative oversight over the Chief Justice and Associate Justices.
  11. The RLJC shall be responsible of representing the Senate before the Judicial Branch in cases where there is a grievance against the Senate.


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