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Purpose and Responsibilities

  1. The purpose of the Student Advocacy Committee is based upon the ideal of maximizing representation of the student body. This committee shall investigate student concerns and make recommendations as deemed appropriate.
  2. To ensure prompt responses to student issues, this committee stands dedicated to working diligently with all Senators on legislation directly impacting student advocacy.
  3. To gather information on Senator’s meetings with Deans, this committee shall collect the two reports required of each Senator per semester from the Clerk of the Student Government Association.
  4. The Student Advocacy Committee shall be responsible for filing a report at the end of each semester outlining students concerns that were found from survey data and meetings with Deans.
    1. The Student Advocacy Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending the continuation of an application for the creation of an Agency or Bureau.
  5. This committee shall maintain record of current contact information for each of the Executive Board members of each Governing Council so as to be readily available to any Student Government Association to any student when necessary.
  6. This committee will be responsible for direct communication with each of the Governing Councils of the Student Government Association. This includes but is not limited to contact via email and attendance at each meeting held by each Governing Council.
  7. Each member of this committee shall be assigned accordingly to a Governing Council(s) for the purpose of regulating contact.
  8. The Student Advocacy Committee will maintain contact with the Student Government Association Cabinet by specifically meeting with Cabinet members whose purpose directly correlates with student concerns and by requesting weekly Council meeting minutes from the Student Government Association Clerk.
  9. A representative of this committee shall be present at the Student Government Council Cabinet to gather issues relating to the purpose of this committee and also to report progress to the Cabinet. This shall occur on a rotational basis and reports from Cabinet shall be presented to the Student Advocacy Committee at the first meeting subsequent to the Cabinet meeting.
    1. This committee shall actively promote partnerships with Senators to draft legislation respective to the purpose of student advocacy and resolving student concerns.



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