Panther Statue

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On January 10th, 2013, FIU President Mark Rosenberg along with Student Government Association Presidents Laura Fariñas (MMC) and Pablo Haspel (BBC) unveiled a brand new, 2,000 pound panther statue dedicated to university Vice President Emerita Rosa Jones. The statue was designed by Brian P. Hanlon and was made possible by the hard work and dedication of 4 Student Government administrations including Anthony Rionda, Helena Ramirez, Patrick O’Keefe and Laura Fariñas.





The magnificent monument stands 7 and a half feet tall and is made out of solid bronze; it was unveiled in its new home in front of the U.S Century Bank Arena at an event organized by the FIU Alumni Association and SGA, which was attended by the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students and media. With the creation of this statue the Student Government is starting a new tradition of having students take a picture of themselves with the statue for good luck and rubbing it before games to ensure a victory for FIU, “the arena is home to commencement, it’s the first thing you see as a freshmen and it’s home to graduation, it’s the last thing you see before you graduate; so families at the beginning and at the end are going to take pictures with the panther, they are going to resonate with the panther”, said MMC President Laura Fariñas.  This occasion was also used to announce that a second, identical statue will be erected for the Biscayne Bay campus as well, and just like that, a tradition was born.

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