What is the U-Wide Committee?

It is the responsibility of the U-Wide Committee to represent and address student needs on matters of university-wide concern.



Committee Chair

The President of the hosting campus shall set the agenda and chair the meeting. The President from the non-hosting campus shall serve as vice chair of the meeting.



Meeting Times

The U-Wide Committee shall meet at least once a month, during the last academic week of every month, alternating between MMC and BBC campuses. The first meeting shall be at the SGA Retreat.



The UWC shall be composed of voting members and non-voting members. The President, Vice President, Speaker of the Senate, and Speaker Pro-Tempore from both SGC-MMC and SGCBBC shall serve as voting members. The Comptroller and Chief Justice from both SGC-MMC and SGC-BBC shall serve as non-voting members.


MMC Representatives

President – Liane Sippin
Vice President – Diwaldo Rabre
Comptroller – James Harden
Speaker – Javier Navas
Speaker Pro Tempore – Nicholas Aquart

BBC Representatives

President – Fu Zhous Wu
Vice President – Richard Azimov
Comptroller – Christopher Moreset
Speaker – Kerline Honore
Speaker Pro Tempore – TBA

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